Zoma (6656)


6656 (SL32, Grade 4).


Shown in Silhouette (SL32, Grade 4).


26.5w x 24d x 32.5h



      • Featuring wide flat flared arm/armless models with elliptical tubular construction.
      • Heavy compound curved back to provide comfort and support.
      • Wall safe rear legs save both the ┬áchair and wall from damage.
      • Zoma is equipped with a polypropylene seat shroud that helps stabilize chairs when stacked.
      • Frame finishes are available in Black (BLK) and Tungsten (TUN). Chrome (CHM) is an option.
      • Zoma can be stacked up to 4 high on the floor or on 2125WS dolly.
      • Shown in Silhouette (SL32, Grade 4).-Made in CANADA
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